Doug Gillmore Celebrates 25 Years With Iowa Select Farms

posted on Monday, April 13, 2020

Congratulations to Doug Gillmore for celebrating 25 years with Iowa Select Farms!

Doug Gillmore

As fate would have it, Doug’s career started as a breeding technician at the company’s first sow farm, Cadillac Sow 1. Just as Iowa Select Farms has evolved a lot in the past quarter century, so has Doug’s career. Since starting at Cadillac, Doug has worked at Sow 5 and nearly every gilt developer (GDU) in Hardin County.

“After working as the breeding department head at Swanson Sow 5 for four years, I had a good amount of experience under my belt and started managing GDUs,” he said. “In the fall of ’99 I managed Hunt and a small 450-head farm, known back then as Hamilton. I was responsible for HNS, chores, breeding and everything else that goes into managing a GDU.”

Over the years, some of Doug’s most memorable experiences have been helping with important breeding projects at Hunt, ISO Pork, Cyclone and Grouse. Breeding projects accomplished significant breed targets to ensure that as we welcomed new sow farms into the company, those farms could be in full-production shortly after opening.

“It was a big challenge, that’s for sure,” he smirked. “But it was rewarding playing such an integral role for the new sow farms. We took a lot of pride in providing them with quality gilts so they could get started on the right foot.”

Today, Doug has returned back to work at Marton, now known as Marton/Hunt, and one of the company’s newest filtered GDUs. He works as a breeding lead and is responsible for keeping track of the farm’s breeds and helping coworkers identify quality animals. Currently, the farm breeds around 220 pigs per week for Sows 26, 35, 37 and 39.

“It’s pretty amazing to look back and reflect on all of the changes our industry has seen over the years,” he said. “The genetics and technology of the barns are much different. The barns are more efficient, litters are bigger and overall production efficiency has improved.”

Outside of work, Doug enjoys spending time with his family—wife Cindy, daughters Amber and Amy, son Nathan and five grandchildren. He and Cindy were recently inducted into the Iowa 4H Hall of Fame for their tremendous volunteer efforts as the Hardin County poultry and rabbit superintendents.

“It was really surprising, but a nice honor,” said Doug. “We enjoy being involved and now my daughters help, too. It has become somewhat of a family tradition.”

Additionally, Doug enjoys fishing, collecting toy tractors and traveling around the Midwest going to tractor shows.

“I grew up on a dairy and then beef cattle farm, so I guess it makes sense that I’ve always enjoying working and spending time in agriculture,” he said. “The people have to be one of the best parts about my job and industry. I’ve made a lot of good friends over the years, which have made my time enjoyable and why this is most likely the company I will be at when I retire someday.”

Congrats on 25 years, Doug!