Haul Out Hunger:

posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018

After spending the majority of this morning in Hardin County, our Haul Out Hunger crew finally started venturing south and made quick stops in Radcliffe and Zearing.

“Our food pantry is only supported by donations,” said Bev Chance, who helps coordinate the Zearing-McCallsburg Food Pantry. “So receiving these 36 free pork loins a huge opportunity for us. It reduces costs so we can purchase other important items for our clients, while ensuring they still get nutritious food.”

Located on Main Street in Zearing, the food pantry relies on seven volunteers like Bev to assist with operations.

“We have three people that come in weekly and then the others help once a month,” explained Bev. “They help with a variety of tasks, like checking in clients, stocking shelves, delivering groceries and shopping for items for the food bank.”

While the number of families that the pantries serve varies on a monthly basis, the Zearing-McCallsburg and Radcliffe food pantries are always there to lend a helping hand.

“We love being able to provide families with a terrific meal,” said Bev. “And these loins are especially great because they can be stretched into multiple meals.”