SuperSnacker Stops at Hampton-Dumont Elementary Schools

posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Hard to believe, but we’re already nine stops in for the day! Our next Power Snack visit brought us to Franklin County to make a delivery at Hampton-Dumont Elementary Schools. This year, 215 students at North and South Side elementaries will receive Power Snack coupons and pork sticks.

“When students are hungry, they struggle to focus in the classroom and start to exhibit negative behaviors,” said South Side building secretary, Jodi Wohlford. “But on the contrary, when they’re well-fed we see fewer visits to the nurse’s office, better attendance, and overall fewer negative behaviors.”

Power Snack, a program of Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, is aimed at reducing childhood hunger by providing access to nutritious food. The program, which was established in 2012, provides coupons to each child’s family for four pounds of free deli ham (valued at $5 per pound) and four loaves of whole wheat bread ($3 per loaf) together making 48 filling, high-protein “Power Snacks” each year.

All 215 kids that qualify for the program will receive Power Snack coupon booklets four times throughout the school year. The 860 Power Snacks delivered today will provide the resources for kids to make 10,320 ham sandwiches at home—a donation valued at $6,880.

“While school-based food assistance programs for children from low-income families greatly aid the learning process, those same children often suffer from food insecurity issues on weekends and holiday breaks,” said Allyson Ladd, communications specialist at Iowa Select Farms. “Something simple like a ham sandwich or pork stick may be the difference in preventing kids from going hungry.”

The pork sticks are a new addition to this year’s Power Snack deliveries and in the next two weeks, 10,000 will be distributed to 125 schools and districts across Iowa.

“We are excited about the addition of pork sticks because they’ll serve as an immediate, nutritious resource for kids,” said Jen Sorenson, Communications Director of Iowa Select Farms. “They pack a powerful protein punch and can help students curb hunger and focus on learning.”