Helping the Helpers

Supporting Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic


When faced with a challenge, American farmers don’t sit back and lament on the task laid before us. Whether it be a flood or a harvest left in the field by an ailing neighbor, Iowa farmers gather our friends, our neighbors, our families—we lock arms, we organize, and we get to work helping in whatever way is needed. It’s in our DNA.

Over the years we’ve tried to do our part to help communities when and where they need it the most. What we’ve come to find is that we are able to rebuild ourselves— oftentimes stronger than before— because there are people who care. 

During these unprecedented times of the COVID 19 pandemic, we encourage you to nominate someone in your life making a difference. Healthcare workers on the front lines at local hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, law enforcement and emergency service professionals working to keep our communities safe, childcare professionals caring for our children, school employees handing out lunches, and individuals dusting off their sewing machines to make masks for our community members.

At the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation we show our love through food, and we want to say "thank you" to these individuals making a big difference during this difficult time. Use the nomination form below to nominate someone from your community and we will send them a pork stick care package—to provide handy, protein-packed sustenance and nutrition and show our appreciation for keeping our communities strong during this trying time. 

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