Deb and Jeff Hansen's Foundation's Project: Food and Fellowship Makes Its Way To Davenport

posted on Thursday, October 10, 2019


Over in Davenport, the IA-ARNG Child & Youth Program recently brought together 26 families for an evening of fun and fellowship. These families all share a common connection—they have a loved one who serves in the military.

Together, they enjoyed board and yard games at the Davenport Armory and then moved on to the local trampoline park. And thanks to the Deb and Jeff Hansen’s Foundation’s Project: Food and Fellowship, they also enjoyed dinner.

The Deb and Jeff Hansen’s Project: Food and Fellowship helps organizations like the IA-ARNG CYP make their events more special, meaningful and purposeful.

Military organizations oftentimes cannot fund food, entertainment, take-home gifts, door prizes and all of the little things that help bring people together and create memories, and that’s a gap Project: Food and Fellowship is proud to fill.