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Pork production is not for everyone—it can be a tough job, a messy job and it’s always and every-single- day job. It’s what we do at Iowa Select Farms though, because we’re farmers, and proud of it. Owners Jeff and Deb Hansen are third-generation Iowa farmers.

We are proud to provide high quality, safe, nutritious and low-cost food for our fellow Iowans and Americans.

At Iowa Select Farms, we’re also proud to be good, fair and honest business people. We have to be, because we have 1,850 Iowa families who count on us. That means doing the right thing every day.

It also means being transparent, and being able to listen, understand and then answer questions from our neighbors such as “Why are farms so big?” “Where does the manure go?” and “Are there safeguards in place that protect our water quality?”

Our mission for Homegrown Iowa is to share with you the stories of our ag adventures. We’re proud to be a homegrown Iowa company in the heart of a homegrown Iowa industry—pig farming.

We’re proud of what our more than 1,200 employees and 650 contractors accomplish every day. We’re honored to do business with nearly 1,700 different Iowa companies in 320 Iowa communities and what we contribute to make those communities a better place in which to live, work and raise a family.

We’ll detail examples of how we work with farm families to provide them a stable income, a sustainable future and fertility for their crops. We’ll share how we find locations for our farms, who’s responsible for the animal care and manure management, and how those barns benefit rural communities.

Homegrown Iowa Newsletter

August 2019 --- Farmer Spotlight on Iowa Environmental Leaders

Special Ag Day Edition 2019 — Ten Reasons to Celebrate Agriculture in Iowa 

April 2019 — What Makes a Good Pig Caretaker?

Issue 11 — Farmer Spotlight: Organic Nutrients Boost Farmer's Soil Health

Issue 10 — Ten Questions for Two Young Farmers

Issue 9 — Three New Farms, 20 New Families and Economic Development for Iowa

Trent Hatlen Welcomes Adrian's Finisher

Jordan Vansice Celebrates Hog Heaven

Adam Swalla Finds Opportunity Near Woodburn

Megan Foster Leads Department at New Farm in Clarke County

Shaun Walkup Finds Career in Livestock Care

Communities Grow Thanks to Livestock Growth

Issue 8 — The Roadmap to Healthy Soil Begins with Manure

Issue 7 — Survey Says Employees Find Livestock Care Meaningful

Issue 6 — The Science of Odor, What Pig Farmers Are Doing About It

Issue 5 — Behind Every Hog Barn is an Iowa Farmer

Issue 4 — Iowa’s Hometown Hero—How Pork Production Boost Our Rural Economy

Issue 3 — Manure is Better for Water Quality

Issue 2 — Cutting a Ribbon for Agriculture

Issue 1 — What’s the Key To Iowa’s Food Security? (The Soil Issue)

Supplier Series

Supplier Series -- CJ America Powers Rural Iowa

Supplier Series -- Snappy Popcorn Grows in Breda, Iowa

Supplier Series — SWH: Managing Nutrients with Precision and Efficiency

Supplier Series — Sinclair Elevator: Growing in Tandem with Iowa Select Farms for more than Three Decades

Supplier Series — Auto Repair Business Keeps Community Moving

Supplier Series — Gold-Eagle's Cooperative Spirit Shines in Rural Iowa

Supplier Series — Organic Nutrients Boost Iowa Farmer's Soil Health 

Supplier Series — Managing Nutrients for a Sustainable Future

Supplier Series — Manure Application Evolved to Specialized Career for Farmers

Supplier Series — Information is Key to Restoring Soil Health with Manure

Supplier Series — ISU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Protects Global Food Supply

Supplier Series — Livestock Raising is a Second Nature

Supplier Series — ARKO Labs Boosts a Healthy Iowa Economy

Supplier Series — STAR Energy FS Helps Power Rural Revitalization

Supplier Series — Struve Labs Partnership Promotes Healthy Pigs, People

Supplier Series —  High Tech Ag: Moving at the Speed of LightEdge 

Supplier Series — Cam Spray: Embracing Their Agricultural Roots

Supplier Series — Wessels Oil: From 5-Gallon Buckets to a Fourth-Generation Family Business 

Supplier Series — Northern Country Coop

Supplier Series -- Quality Healthcare and Deep Agriculture

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet — CSIF Greenstead Farm Partnership Tree Counter

Fact Sheet — Single Barn Finishing Farm

Fact Sheet — Double Barn Finishing Farm

Fact Sheet — Dermot Hayes, ISU Economic Impact Report, Iowa Select Farms

Fact Sheet — Our Sustainable Sow Farms

Fact Sheet — Our Sustainable Finisher Farms

Iowa State College 1907 Extension Bulletin, Farm Manures

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