Deb and Jeff Hansen's Foundation is Continuing to Grow and Give Back

posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Since getting its start in 2006, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation has operated unique programs and projects that focus on providing food to struggling Iowa families and children, showing gratitude to members of the Armed Forces and strengthening efforts to find a cure for childhood cancers while improving the quality of life for families impacted.

Today, we hold true to our humble beginnings and as long as we are producing pork, we will continue to work tirelessly with our generous donors and employees to give back.

We're excited of the work we've accomplished, but looking forward to growing our impact and introducing you to our brand new programs, one of which will be unveiled this afternoon.

Stay tuned as we share our newest program that helps children facing short-term, emergency hunger situations in our homegrown Iowa communities.