Iowa Select Farms was Honored to be Recognized as a Venture Award Recipient

posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2019


“I am sure no other Iowa Venture Award recipient has ever so significantly impacted so many rural Iowa electric cooperatives, members, and communities than has Iowa Select Farms,” declared Rand Fisher, president of Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) today at their annual award luncheon in Des Moines.

Iowa Select Farms was nominated for IADG’s prestigious Business of the Year Award by Midland Power Cooperative, which services Hardin County where Iowa Select Farms is headquartered.

“In 2016, Iowa Select Farms embarked upon a three-year program of comprehensive investment on farms and communities in 52 counties,” Fisher said during the ceremony. “Their investment came to nearly half a billion dollars and their facilities directly benefit 21 RECs and two municipal members of IADG.”

“We are honored by your recognition of our commitment to Iowa and our rural communities. And we are grateful for our continued partnership,” said Noel Williams, chief operating officer of Iowa Select Farms, upon receiving the award. “We have grown the business over the last three years. We are proud of our employees and thank all that were involved in that.”

In its 32nd year, the Iowa Venture Awards recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to Iowa’s economy through entrepreneurial leadership, innovation and job creation. Since 1985, IADG has been the business and community development leader for Iowa’s rural electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and independent telecommunication companies.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig presented the award and attended the lunch with 350 IADG members from across Iowa. Iowa Select Farms was honored to be recognized along with seven Venture Award recipients from across rural Iowa, including Iowa Select Farms supplier Mid-Iowa Cooperative in Conrad.

“It truly is an honor to be recognized with the other business and to hear their stories of how they originated,” Williams reflected. “It’s inspiring to hear the stories of commitment to rural Iowa, the hard work, the entrepreneurship, the innovation. It should warm everybody’s heart in this room to hear their stories. It’s a true testament to all the award winners up here and we are honored to be part of that group.”