American Legion Post 69 in Osceola Helps Hoist Flags at the New Iowa Select Farms Warehouse and Conference Center

posted on Thursday, October 24, 2019


“We didn’t win two world wars by giving up when it was hard to raise a flag.” That profound reflection was overheard outside of the new Iowa Select Farms Warehouse and Conference Center in Osceola as veterans with the local American Legion Post 69 raised the flag on what was one of the windiest days the year.

Julie Mulford, one of several who led the warehouse building project, said the best call she made during construction was to the Legion.

“Our company is patriotic and we wanted to show respect and gratitude to the veterans in the community and state,” said Julie. When she called the Legion to buy an American flag, she was put in touch with Dan Hooper for his expertise.

Hooper, a member of the Legion and the Osceola City Council, helped Julie pick out the right size, stitching and material. Then, he offered up the members of Post 69 to raise the flag in honor of our country’s freedom.

When the flag arrived at the warehouse, it was delivered to Des Moines to fly high above the State Capitol, a service offered to Iowans to commemorate special events. The flag was flown in honor of the warehouse grand opening on September 26 and was returned to the Osceola warehouse.

A few weeks ago, the Post 69 Legion members stopped by the warehouse to practice the hoist. It was a perfectly still day.

However, yesterday the wind was unforgiving, trying to viciously whip the 20-by-30-foot flag out of the arms of the veterans of Post 69. But they held steady and never wavered.

As the flag ascended the pole, over 200 onlookers held their hands over their hearts. When the flag reached the top, they cheered.

The Legion executed every detail perfectly, ending the ceremony with reveille. Thank you to the veterans of the American Legion Davis Pence Post 69 in Osceola for making this day one we will forever cherish.