If I helped save a life, then everything is worth it

posted on Monday, February 22, 2016

We’re proud of our employees and contractors who feel as passionately as we do about helping make communities stronger, safer places for individuals to live and raise a family. A great example is Joe, who for six years has managed our Hunt and Sugar finishers while working full-time as a Sergeant with the Iowa Falls Police Department (IFPD).

Joe didn’t have a background in pigs, in fact he had been working a full-time job with the IFPD, plus part-time with the Hampton police department and the Hardin County Sheriff’s office. His brother-in-law had been a contracted site manager for Iowa Select Farms and when he unfortunately passed away, Joe inquired about taking over the management of the barns. “I was getting burnt out and liked the idea of a little more flexibility, but also a new experience,” said Joe.

With the Hunt and Sugar site located just outside of Iowa Falls, Joe’s at both of his sites every day, either before or after his IFPD shift, choring the barns and overseeing feed, water, ventilation, feed ordering, recordkeeping and many other responsibilities that come with the job. “I’m usually at each site a couple of hours, and oftentimes I check in 2-3 times.”

Trever, Joe’s supervisor, said he appreciates how hard Joe works and the amount of ownership he has for every turn. “He’s always been a very hard worker and dependable, and he truly cares about the pigs and his team too,” said Trever, in reference to the people he works with at Iowa Select Farms. “What I appreciate about Joe is that he communicates well, and lets me know exactly what’s going on and looks for ways to improve. He does a great job for us.”

“Raising pigs is rewarding and fulfilling, and also challenging at times, said Joe. “The performance of the barn is a reflection on me, and I take it personally when I lose an animal. I know the harder I work to help those "fall behind" pigs get back on their feet, the more pigs we have going to market, and that is the rewarding part.”

“We’ve changed a lot over the years, and processes and requirements are always evolving too,” said Loren, a finishing supervisor who also works with Joe. “Joe’s always been great with change and easily adapts. He’s always very positive, helps everyone out and takes pride in what he's doing, we really enjoy having him on our team.”

Joe’s dedication and passion for helping people and pigs transcends well beyond his role with Iowa Select Farms, in fact it’s been apparent throughout his entire career of service. As a member of the IFPD for over 20 years, Joe said what keeps him going are the people. “I have a lot of pride in this community, and feel good about helping people and keeping families safe. And if I helped save a life, then everything is worth it.” ‪#‎billionpounds‬