270 Children in the Eagle Grove Community Schools Will Receive 1,080 PowerSnack Coupons

posted on Sunday, November 17, 2019


“Poverty is a vicious cycle and affects our students in a number of ways,” said Scott Jeske, Principal at Robert Blue Middle School in Eagle Grove. “Power Snack coupons are just one more way we’re working to end childhood hunger altogether.”

In Iowa, 1 in 5 children are considered food-insecure, meaning they do not have enough to eat. According to Jeske, about 70% of the students in Eagle Grove are on free/reduced meal plans many often do not have much to eat at home.

“It makes it difficult for them to focus on school,” continued Jeske. “ Being well-nourished is a basic need that has to be filled before students can start worrying about learning.”

To support students in Eagle Grove and statewide, Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation are spending nearly two weeks traveling the state donating more than 90,000 Power Snack coupons for deli ham and whole wheat bread. Power Snack aims to reduce childhood hunger by providing access to nutritious food at school and at home.

Four times throughout the upcoming school year, students will receive a $5 coupon for deli ham and a $3 coupon for a loaf of whole wheat bread. Coupons can be used at local grocery and convenience stores and are commonly distributed prior to weekends and extended holiday breaks, like Thanksgiving.

New this year, schools will also be receiving pork sticks.

“We are excited about the addition of Pork Sticks because they’ll serve as an immediate, nutritious resource for kids,” said Jen Sorenson, Communications Director of Iowa Select Farms. “They pack a powerful protein punch and can help students curb hunger and focus on learning.”

270 children in the Eagle Grove Community Schools will receive 1,080 Power Snack coupons and 150 pork sticks—a contribution valued at $8,640 and enough resources to make 12,960 ham sandwiches.