A farm is not that much different than a house

posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

“A farm is not that much different than a house from an accounts payable perspective--all of those bills need to be paid to keep it a comfortable place to live,” said Phillip, a member of the accounts payable team. “We all know to be able to live in a home you have to pay the monthly bills for water, gas, propane, electricity, food, phone, maintenance, mowing, internet and many other services. Multiply all of those bills by our nearly 700 farms and that’s the answer to my contribution to the billion pound journey---to get our invoices paid and keep our services uninterrupted!"

With over 5,000 invoices funneling through our 6-member accounting department every month, the team works to keep the approval process organized and efficient, and then issues accurate and timely payments back to the vendors through wire transfers, by check or electronically through an ACH (automated clearing house).

It's a large and complex process with a lot of moving pieces and Phillip does a great job of keeping on top of it all,” said Ashley, the Controller for Iowa Select Farms. “He has a very calm, consistent and steady demeanor and does a great job working through any issues with the managers and supervisors.”

Phillip lives in Des Moines and is a recent business finance and accounting graduate of AIB, joining Iowa Select Farms eight months ago.

“I like all of the people that I interact with on a daily basis, and especially like that the company gives back to the community, especially to those who served in the military,” said Philip, whose father, uncle and both grandfathers served in the Air Force, Navy and Army, respectively. ‪#‎billionpounds‬