A helping hand to navigate new employees

posted on Monday, February 29, 2016

“I remember being very disappointed in high school when I missed registration for Mrs. Kramer’s home economics class and instead had to take an ag class," said Lili, our human resources specialist. “But that experience opened my eyes, and now I work in agriculture and am very proud.”

Since graduating from college in 1999, Lili has helped recruit, hire and welcome new employees to Iowa Select Farms, taking the time to walk them through every detail of the job. From their responsibilities, farm location and benefits package all the way to how to double bag a lunch, Lili’s patience and positive attitude has helped hundreds of employees get off to a great start. And when an employee or manager needs help, she’s on site helping with performance reviews, sharing company information or helping the managers with training.

“Lili is a very versatile team player who is always willing to jump in wherever she is needed, which is often many places all at once because of her experience and expertise, said Kerry, Director of HR and Lili’s supervisor. “She’s a great listener and often helps employees and managers navigate through situations together.”

It's not uncommon for a manager to ask Lili for advice on how to handle different situations, and she also helps train members of the production leadership group through our Managing Employee Performance (MEP) Program, which helps managers with setting goals, communicating expectations and providing feedback to their teams.

“What I love about Lili is her unique perspective and feedback she provides from employees and managers, said Kerry. “It helps us make the best decisions around HR initiatives because she’s passionate about ensuring their feedback is heard.”

“What I enjoy about my job is that every day is different, and I have learned so much about agriculture since my high school vocational ag class,” she laughs. “I have to give my thanks and respect to our farm managers, they are a tremendous group and have taught me so much. They’ve taken the time to help me, and I pay it forward by helping them, and helping our new employees learn our business.” ‪#‎billionpounds‬