Ackley Food Pantry

posted on Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meet Nancy Bartling, the coordinator for the Ackley Food Pantry where all help is provided by volunteers from the community! Our delivery crew were able to drop off 60 pork loins to the food pantry for the 20 families that they serve per month.

“We get a lot of generous help and donations from our community here in Ackley,” said Nancy. “The youth are very helpful, our local high school brought in 700 donation items from their drive this year. And churches and people in the community will give cash donations to help out too.”

The Ackley Food Pantry has been running for 20 years and this is Nancy’s second year as coordinator. With 20 families to serve each month with an average family size of four to five, the pantry is extremely grateful for the community help and for the pork loin donation.

“Many families have multiple children and mouths to feed so nutrition is really important. The pork loins are a great help—I’m all for protein and good nutrients!” said Mary.

Nancy also makes sure to stock hygiene items in her pantry because she sees great value in ensuring people are provided with things like tooth paste and soap and that not all pantries keep a good supply of those items.