Adam Swalla Finds Opportunity Near Woodburn

posted on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Adam Swalla Woodburn, Iowa—Smyrna Sow Farm

Down in south central Iowa, we cut a ribbon in honor of a new sow farm named after it’s township,Adam SwallaSmyrna. The opening of the farm brought together a team of farmers who will care for 7,500 sows at the new, state-of-the-art farm.

Adam Swalla is the manager of Smyrna. Eighteen people make up the Smyrna farm team, coming from the communities of Corydon, Allerton, Chariton, Russell, Derby, Woodburn, Osceola, Kellerton, Indianola and Albia.

The open house was an opportunity for Adam to bring his family to a sow farm, something that he’s never been able to do in the nine years that he and his wife Sarah have been together. “Having my wife and kids here was really, really special for me,” said Adam. “Not only because they finally get to see where I work, but because this farm also represents a completely new life for them, too.”

Sow 38 Team

Adam and Sarah, along with their three young children recently moved from Madrid down to southern Iowa, where they had the opportunity to buy Sarah’s grandmother’s home.

“It’s the home Sarah’s dad grew up in and now our kids will, too,” said Adam. “We’ve been lucky Swalla Family to have family nearby willing to help us out. We’re settling into our new community. We couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter in our lives.”

Adam had previously been the manager of a sow farm near Stanhope, but got his start at Iowa Select Farms in 2006 as an intern. After graduating from Ellsworth Community College with a degree in swine management, he joined Iowa Select Farms fulltime in 2010.

It wasn’t long before he was hitting his stride, leading teams of employees on breeding and farrowing farms. Always with impressive results, and a can-do attitude to match.

Adam reflected on his new farm and team, “It’s high energy here and with a lot of positivity. There’s so much potential, we can all feel it.”