Adams County MATURA Outreach Center

posted on Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hats off to Vicky Haley at the Adams County MATURA Outreach Center in Corning, Iowa. “We serve 30-40 households a month, and if this pantry didn’t exist families would have to go to another county to get help, she says.. Vicky volunteered at the pantry for six years before becoming the director a year ago. “I am lucky to have a lot of support from the local businesses, and if I need something they are willing to go get it for me,” said Vicky. “We only get meat if it comes from the food bank, and they limit it to be able to stretch it further. We’d also need to drive up to Des Moines to get it, but now the truck delivers to Creston once a month and I pick it up there, so it’s gotten easier.” Speaking of easy, our deliver crew hand delivered eight cases pork loins right into Vicky’s freezer and it was “truly a blessing,” she says. Hats off to Vicky and her team!