Adamson Farm Awarded Most Improved Multiplication Select Pride 2021 Winner

posted on Monday, September 12, 2022

Shelby Mathes SP Winner
“My philosophy is that it’s not worth doing a job twice, so best to get it done right the first time.” Those are the words of Shelby Mathes. Shelby and Tony Davis were recently at the helm of the “most improved multiplication grower of the year” after the Adamson farm broke with PRRS in early 2021.

During the time, Shelby was almost brand new to managing multiplication growers, which are similar to finishing farms. When Tysen [Abell] had approached Shelby about taking over Adamson, she had been working with the team of 12 at Davis Sow Farm, where she worked part-time in breeding and farrowing as she made her way through high school.

She stayed there while she earned her livestock production degree at Southwestern Community College. After graduating with her associate degree, she joined Iowa Select Farms full-time and took on more roles and responsibilities at Davis.

“I guess Tysen saw something in me at Davis that told him I could jump over to multiplication, and he took the risk,” laughed Shelby.

Shelby says she was at first overwhelmed by the responsibility. Adamson is significantly smaller than Davis, but managers who care for single farms, like Adamson, are responsible for more components of animal care. In contrast, caretakers are more specialized on the sow farms and work in teams.

But Shelby dug in, focused on the “big rocks” and then the “little rocks,” and said she never quit until the jobs at the farm were done. She started seeing measurable changes, and her health status improved thanks to tightening up biosecurity.

“Shelby is very detail-oriented and a great planner and notetaker,” said Tysen. “All of those traits keep her and her farm organized, which improved the farm. We paired her with Tony, who brought in experience and a tremendous passion for good animal care. Together, they’ve created positive change at Adamson.”

Lots of movement is happening as the multiplication farms continue to restructure and evolve to improve production performance. Today, Shelby’s made yet another move—over to care for the animals at Macksburg and Homestead, two separate multiplication growers. Tony is now managing Adamson and Dodge.

You’ll hear more from Tony through another story we’re soon to share. This one focused on his dedication to animal care.

Congratulations to Shelby and Tony for earning the “most improved multiplier.”