Adrian Earns Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Leader Scholarship

posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Congratulations to Adrian on her Iowa Select Farms Future Ag Leader Scholarship!

Adrian is currently working to attain her associate degree in Early Childhood Education at Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg. She will then transfer to Iowa State University to complete her Elementary Education degree. Her goals are to shape the future by building relationships while practicing kindness and caring with her students.

Adrian hopes to utilize the lessons that she learned from working on the farm with her dad, Trent Hatlen. She is from Sioux Rapids and Trent is an Owner/Operator for Iowa Select Farms. Adrian says that agriculture can be extremely challenging but that you can be successful through determination and hard work. These skills will be a valuable teaching component in her own classroom some day!

Adrian was named Pork Queen in Buena Vista County. She will have many opportunities to be an ambassador for the pork industry and considers it an opportunity to thank everyone involved in the industry. She also plans to continue her support as teacher by “being a strong proponent of everything agriculture” in her classroom to mold those young minds.

Best wishes on a fantastic future, Adrian!