Adriana Hernandez Recognized as Master Pork Partner

posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017

“For me, being recognized as a Master Pork Partner motivates me to lead in the ways that I lead—through training and developing my people so they can make an impact,” said Adriana Hernandez, manager of Sow 112 located near Kamrar.

And we're elated the Iowa Pork Producers Association and the ISU Extension Service recognized Adriana for her #billionplus impact last night as a Master Pork Partner. During the Iowa Pork Congress Banquet, Adriana joined 15 other producers across the state for the annual recognition of leaders who are making a positive impact on the swine industry.

Adriana, who up until recently dual-managed Swanson Sow Farm (Sow 5) and Sow 112, is now back to managing one 4,200 sow farm after training and developing Cesar Sanchez-Garza to take on the reins of Sow 5.

At Sow 112, she will continue to not only manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the farm, but also train incoming employees who will eventually transfer to other farms. “Adriana is a great trainer who is hands-on and does the job the correct way, every time,” said Chris Nydegger, Adriana’s supervisor. “It shows in her farm results and it shows in the people she trains, she is incredibly deserving of this award.”

“I am really proud of her,” said Gustavo Alvarez, Adriana’s husband and manager of Sow 10. “She was recognized in the company of great industry leaders and producers who are all doing good things just like her, all working to be leaders and bring on more leaders so we can keep pigs in Iowa.”

Recently featured in the National Pork Board’s #realpigfarming campaign, Adriana has also taken the time to inspire others nationwide with what she loves best about leading her farms and helping people develop and grow their skills.

Adriana says her teams are dedicated and work hard every day to get all of the jobs done and go the extra mile. She tries to offer as much advice as possible as she knows her trainees will only be with her for a short period of time before “leaving the nest” and moving on to other farms to fill roles in breeding and farrowing. In addition to encouraging them to make a difference in whatever they do, she tells them to do the jobs right, every time, and stay until the work is done.

“I feel really happy when I see them learn and start to understand why our different methods of animal care are important,” said Adriana. “When they become proficient and can start teaching others I know they will do great wherever they go,” said Adriana. “It’s rewarding when I hear from other managers that the trainees I’ve worked with are doing really well as farm technicians, day one leads and breed leads and are making a positive impact.”

“Adriana is a very hard worker and she cares about her farms,” said Aaron Fopma, her other supervisor who echoes what Chris said. “She does things the right way, and takes the time to teach her people the proper way to care for the animals.”

And Adriana and her team’s results are telling, both Sow 5 and Sow 112 were recognized this past year in company SelectPride top ten lists, and Sow 5 has had nine appearances in the top ten SelectPride rankings since 2009. #billionplus

Congratulations on being named a Master Pork Partner, Adriana!