Ames Food Pantries

posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Next up was a visit to Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA) and the Ames Salvation Army.

Serving 200 to 300 families per month Monday through Friday, the pantry volunteers and workers at MICA sure have their hands full, but they do an outstanding job keeping the shelves stocked, organized and ready for families in need.

“We have six full-time workers at MICA that help run the pantry,” said pantry coordinator Keliena Caldwell, . “Families are able to come in once a month to shop; however, we let them come in at any time to grab things like bread.”

MICA’s impact is wide reaching and serves as a resource for all the small towns in Story County. “We get families that come in from all over the county and if they need food, we’re here to help,” said Keliena.

Not far from MICA, the Ames Salvation Army is the third largest pantry in the county and has a dedicated team including pantry coordinator, Cari McPartland, two full-time and one part-time staffer and a handful of dedicated volunteers.

The amount of food each family receives depends on their family size, so if they have a lot of larger families that come in the Ames Salvation Army makes sure to accommodate for them.

Between MICA and the Ames Salvation Army, our crew unloaded 2,100 pounds of pork. A big thank you to both organizations for their hard work and kind hearts! #HaulOutHunger #BillionPlus