Ames Salvation Army

posted on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Introducing the Ames Salvation Army, the 3rd largest pantry in the county. The dedicated team at this pantry consists of pantry coordinator, Cari McPartland, two full-time staffers, one-part time and a handful of volunteers. Together, they help serve 125 families a month.

“We have families come in to shop from the pantry once a month unless it’s an emergency, then they can come in whenever,” said Cari. “The end of the month is especially busy because families start to run out of food stamps, so this pork loin donation will help us a lot to get through the end of the month.”

The amount of food each family receives depends on their family size, so if they have a lot of larger families that come in the Ames Salvation Army makes sure to accommodate for them.

The Ames Salvation Army has seen tremendous support from its community with community members contributing monetary donations and daily donations from Panera Bread. This year, the Live United Food Drive brought in 2400 pounds of food! The pantry also receives grants from the Food Bank of Iowa.

A big thank you to the crew at the Ames Salvation Army for their hard work and kind hearts!