Andrew Celebrates 25 Years of Service

posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Andrew poses in a boar stud facility.

“I feel so lucky to work in such an interesting and unique part of the company,” said Andrew, manager of Cheers Gene Transfer Center. “I am surrounded by a team of talented people who make this job exciting.”

Congratulations to Andrew who is celebrating 25 years of service to Iowa Select Farms!

As the manager of a gene transfer center, or boar stud, Andrew oversees the day-to-day operations, including staffing the 11-person team, training and ensuring that the correct biosecurity protocols are executed.

Gene transfer centers are a pivotal part of the company, as they work tirelessly to drive genetic improvements and increase the quality of pigs at Iowa Select Farms.

Working at many different farms since his start at Rout Sow 2 in 1996, Andrew has seen a dramatic shift in technology, which has ultimately led to how he has found success working in boar studs. Cheers, being only a few years old, has air conditioning, automation to help with moving boars and the latest in genetic technology. “Oddly enough, the biggest change for me has been using an online information tracking tool instead of writing everything down and faxing it,” chuckled Andrew.

He enjoys his team of talented individuals who help him get through the unexpected challenges that each day may bring. “This team works together as a family, and we help each other get better. It is incredibly rewarding work, especially as a manager.”

The father of three can be found playing with his twins outside, hiking, reading, cooking, brewing beer, and spending time with his wife, Victoria.

Thank you, Andrew, for your commitment to Iowa Select Farms for 25 years!