Angel - Clarion Little Free Pantry Captain

posted on Friday, February 11, 2022

“I am proud to work for Iowa Select Farms. It goes back to all the things they do for their communities and their employees. They do a lot to help people, and that follows what I believe about how we should treat others,” said Angel manager of the Peterson Sow Farm and the main Little Free Pantry Captain in our Homegrown Iowa community of Clarion.

Sitting on the corner of Fireman’s Park, the Clarion pantry is our newest addition to one of our most unique hunger relief efforts. As the tenth pantry installment, this Little Free Pantry serves those who live in the heart of Wright County and was installed in November of 2021. Angel has helped ensure that it remains stocked and cared for to meet the growing need in the community.  

“I see that there is a need in Clarion, especially at the location the pantry is in,” she explained. “When it was installed, we filled it up and by the second day it was completely empty.”

While ensuring the pantry remains stocked may present challenges, especially with the high demand in the Clarion community, Angel finds great joy in her role as a pantry captain. She has even started knitting hats in her craft area at home to add to the pantry during these cold winter months. Her role in caring for the pantry has also impacted her in ways she wasn’t expecting.

“The pantry is on my route from work at the farm to my house, so I can check it often. And honestly, that helps me a lot too. It’s great because it gets me out and involved in the community when I otherwise might not be.”

Being a Little Free Pantry Captain has been the perfect fit for Angel. Not only does it provide a way for her to stay involved in her community, but it allows her to help others on behalf of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation which is something she is passionate about.

“I want to be able to help people, even if it’s just in a small way,” said Angel. “The Hansens make that possible, and they put their whole hearts into it. It shows the community they are dedicated to helping the people that need it.”

Angel stands by the Clarion little free pantry.