Another Little Farmer Toy Box Delivered in Peru

posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2022

“It is people like Jo who help make our rural communities thrive,” said Amber, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “She steps up whenever her community is in need. She's been a day care provider, bus driver, school volunteer, and so many others. She is grandma to everyone, and it’s people like her that just make the world a better place.”

Jo always filled that void in the community so people could work and prosper. From opening up her home to taking care of kids to driving a bus to help out the school district, there was nothing she would not help out with. She also would provide delicious baked goods for anything the community needed them for.

“I just do what I do,” said Jo. “I knew I could help, and I like to help, so I helped. I never really thought I made an impact; that wasn’t why I did it. I really just liked to help, is all.”

Jo takes care of the children of now parents that were in her care 30 years ago. She really did have an impact, even if she may not realize it.

“We say thank you over and over, but people like Jo don’t do it for the thank yous,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “They do it because they see a need, raise their hand and say yes, I will fill that need. We know in our hearts just how special people like that are in our communities.”

Group photo with toybox

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