Another successful family day at Adventureland

posted on Friday, July 1, 2016

It was just a short week ago when we were at Adventureland Family Days, where our employees were treated to a day of amusement and water park fun—on us! During the day we invited everyone to participate in an easy breezy scavenger hunt where they picked up cool prizes like chapstick, sunscreen and fun bucks.

At the Spin-to-Win, we asked employees to give their best answers as to how they promote biosecurity, what they enjoy about working at Iowa Select Farms, and finally, their favorite way to prepare pork.

While we anticipated employees would say they loved working at Iowa Select Farms because of Adventureland and the upcoming Iowa State Fair family days, over 80 percent of respondents said what they love most is—working with animals!

“I enjoy saving baby pigs,” “keeping pigs healthy,” “watching pigs grow,” “walking pens,” “tending to new litters,” “colostrum checks,” and many references to air, feed and water—the big three of pig care.

And employees also reminded us how vigilant they are around biosecurity. “Showering in/out,” “downtime,” “double bagging lunches,” “blue booties” and many comments around keeping farms clean and sanitized were mentioned.

Their favorite way to prepare pork? That was across the board with answers ranging from “BBQ”, “grilled” and “smoked” to “crockpot” and “shredded.” Some simply answered, “anything with bacon.”

Another ‪#‎billionpounds‬ poster was signed, a photo booth captured family photos and an all-company lunch offered kid-friendly hot dogs, burgers and ice cream. Thanks to everyone for coming out. #billionpounds