Aplington Legion Memorial Library Unleashes the Power of STEM

posted on Thursday, June 29, 2023

Regan and Alexis with STEM cart
"We're thrilled to unleash the power of our STEM cart, inspiring self-guided learning and sparking curiosity and exploration," says Alexis Karrsjens, the director at Aplington Legion Memorial Library.

Alexis says the library serves around 1,000 kids and youth adults during the summer months, age ranges the Henry's Heroes STEM carts are equipped to serve.

As part of our Henry’s Heroes program, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation donated 50 STEM carts to libraries in our Homegrown Iowa communities.

Aplington--tucked into our eastern Iowa finishing region--is home to many farm families who are contractors, employees, nutrient applicators and manure customers for Iowa Select Farms.

Aaron Mulder, an employee with Iowa Select Farms and a resident of Aplington, nominated the library for the free cart. He hopes the STEM cart will get more kids interested in the library, which is a good thing for the families in the community.

Each STEM cart will allow kids to develop their skills in science, technology, engineering and math while visiting their local library.