Ashley's Home Day Care Receives a Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

“We could never share their stories enough,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “As we share their stories and uplift the individuals who care for our kids, we hope to show just how invaluable these individuals are to our families, our business and agriculture as a whole.”

Ashley is a day care provider for Carrie, who works out of our Iowa Falls office. Carrie explained how she really helps us navigate child care for our kids, and goes above and beyond to make the lives of the families she cares for so much easier.

“For us, without Ashley, we would not be able to balance work and the kids,” said Carrie. “She is always willing to help out and never says no when we need an extra hand. When you think about someone who goes the extra mile when it comes to day care, you think about them opening earlier or staying late, but Ashley does far more. If there is a parent who just needs to drop their kids off for a period of time, Ashley never says no, even if it is not a child she regularly cares for. She is not just a one-of-kind day care provider, but really a one-of-a-kind human. We could never say thank you enough to her and I hope she knows just how much she means to us and our community.”

As a stay-at-home mom and a day care provider, Ashley was so honored to receive a Little Farmer Toy Box.

“It’s crazy to think someone else that I do not provide day care for, or work directly for, would donate to me,” said Ashley. “We are behind the scenes, but to know we are being thought about is such a rewarding feeling.”