Batter up!

posted on Saturday, July 16, 2016

The second annual Interns versus Supervisors Softball Game ended in a score of Interns-0, Supervisors-A Lot, after the supervisor team did an outstanding job of keeping the interns on base percentage to a minimum. “We were a brick wall on defense,” said Pete Thomas, director of Health Services and third baseman. “Nothing got by us.”

Over on first, baseman Noel Williams made some unbelievable snags from numerous wild throws coming in from his infield defenders, making it look effortless to the hundreds of fans who swarmed Cadet Field last night. “I’m really proud of my team, they not only played good defense on the grounders but I was impressed by the speed and agility out in the outfield.”

While the supervisors touted their defensive skills, intern Josh Woods had a very different story and bluntly stated, “They stacked their roster with a National Fast Pitch Champion, and not one of us made contact with the ball, at all.”

Woods was referring to Supervisor pitcher Brody Abell, Iowa Select Farms Nursery 16 manager—indeed a national fast pitch champion—and Gilt Selection Specialist Eric Hensley—the only employee out of 1,000 who was brave enough to catch for Abell.

The supervisor team defended their decisions indicating that although Brody and Eric aren’t directly supervising an intern this summer, they both excel at welcoming, coaching and training new employees coming into Iowa Select Farms and therefore are considered extensions of the supervisor group.

They also defended their actions by stressing the rules around slow pitch and fast pitch softball are somewhat gray. “At the end of the day, Brody was indeed pitching a softball and the speed and arc height are arbitrary facts,” said Williams.

No one is sure how many innings were played. The game was called after Hensley spoke up and said, “Guys? My hand hurts pretty bad.”

Thank you everyone for showing up and having a great time, and to our fantastic intern group who were all very good sports about the upset. We are well aware given a do-over without Brody and Eric that would you have indeed been victorious. We’ll see you soon on the basketball court!