Beast Mode: Taking Biosecurity From Good to Great

posted on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Wearing costumes, waving signs on a busy highway and dancing in the streets. If Operation Christmas Meal has taught us anything, it’s that our employees will do anything to go from good to great, especially when it comes to caring for our animals, our people, our environment and our communities.

Dr. Katie

We're about to take biosecurity from good to great. In fact, we're activating Beast Mode. Our friends at Urban Dictionary define as "a state of performing something, especially difficult activities, with extreme power, skill or determination."

In Spanish we call this Vamos Con Todo, which means “let’s give it our all!”

And you know how we are going to do it? We’re going to challenge ourselves and each other to be the best at biosecurity.

You'll soon hear more from our Biosecurity Strength and Conditioning Coaches—Dr. Katie Wedel (veterinarians and Director of Biosecurity) and Andres Blanco (Crew Supervisor).

And it wouldn’t be the Iowa Select Farms way if we didn’t have cheerleaders, hype teams, specialists, leaders, managers and a whole host of folks chiming in along the way. #BeastMode #VamosConTodo