Belmond Food Pantries

posted on Monday, July 31, 2017

Our first stop of the morning on our journey to Haul Out Hunger brought us to the town of Belmond. Nestled in one of the local neighborhoods, the Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva serves nearly 130 families in Belmond and surrounding towns by hand delivering food bundles to those in need. Volunteers Flor Candanos and Angelica Arenas greeted our team with warm smiles and even better… warm coffee!

“This donation is such a blessing for us and the families that we serve,” said Flor. “As you can see, our freezers were nearly empty when you arrived and now we can’t even close the lid there’s so many pork loins in here. This really is just such a blessing.”

After filling the freezer at Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva, our team of volunteers headed down the road to the Belmond Food Pantry. Together with the support of local volunteers, the pantry delivers food to 75+ families in need four times a year. “It’s not often that we have protein-packed products like this in the bundles that we deliver, so this is huge,” said Mark Allen, a volunteer at the pantry. He continued, “Meat can be expensive, so most of our families can’t justify buying much of it from the grocery store. This is going to put smiles on so many faces.”