Belmond Police Department Receives Henry's Heroes Comfort Kits

posted on Friday, January 15, 2021

Belmond PD
The Belmond Police Department received 15 Law Enforcement Comfort Kits from the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation to help with policing efforts.

Henry’s Heroes Law Enforcement Comfort Kits allow law enforcement officers to provide comforting items to children in distress. Compact in design, the kits are designed to be portable and easily tossed into an officer’s cruiser as part of their standard equipment.

"The child is the innocent party when we come across them on a call," said Patrol Officer Ken Godsell. "Unfortunately, some children are raised to think police are the bad people. These kits will help break down that barrier and provide a positive interaction with children and that can make a big difference."

Henry’s Heroes Comfort Kits provide law enforcement an additional tool in their diverse policing responsibilities and include items like blankets, pacifiers, lip balm, stuffed animals, activity kits and small toys.