BillionPlus Bucks

posted on Monday, July 10, 2017

“Our people are the best—they have a tremendous dedication to their farms, to their co-workers and to the animals, you can see it and feel it every day, even during the tough times, like a PRRS break, a farm remodel or just a long day,” said Jen Sorenson, communications director for Iowa Select Farms. “Throughout the year Jeff and Deb Hansen try to find unique and special ways to say thank you, and it's especially fun when it's a surprise.”

Which is why we are delivering Billionplus Pork Bucks into the hard-working hands of 1,500 Iowa Select Farms employees, contracted site managers and owner/operator truck drivers.

“Throughout the year we do pork and rib giveaways and ham and bacon packs for Christmas, but this time around they have the opportunity to support their local grocery stores and pick out exactly what they want at the meatcase,” said Sorenson.

The Billionplus Pork Bucks include pork recipes paired with coupons for $40 worth of free pork—$10 worth of fresh pork, $10 worth of ham, $10 worth of ribs, $5 worth of bacon and $5 worth of ground pork—all courtesy of Iowa Select Farms.

“We always say that food brings families together, and our employees not only enjoy family time but also the product they work so hard to produce,” said Sorenson. “Ribs, chops, butts, bellies…smoking meat is hot right now, and grilling never goes out of style. It’s all perfect for a summer backyard BBQ, weekend camping trip or a fun family picnic.”

Thank you to all of our employees and contractors for your hard work and dedication to the billion plus journey—we are well on our way to producing 1B, 57M pounds of pork this year! #billionplus