#BillionPounds Journey Kick-off

posted on Friday, January 1, 2016

This career isn’t for everyone, but everyone’s sure counting on us. In fact over 8 billion people are counting on farmers of all shapes and sizes to produce food for a hungry world. Iowa Select Farms cares for 10% of the pigs raised in Iowa, the largest pork producing state in the US. Size is relative, so whether you feel it’s a significant contribution or shockingly small, what’s more important is that our hearts are big, our passion is mighty and we care greatly about the role we play in responsibly producing pork.

As we welcome the New Year we also welcome new goals, kick off fresh projects and wholeheartedly get up and get after our commitment to producing safe, quality and nutritious food. In 2015 we contributed 940,000,000 million pounds of pork to the food supply, or enough to feed a serving of pork to every Iowan…1,216 times. This year we’re determined to accomplish something we’ve never done before—produce one billion pounds of pork, achieved through the effort and dedication of every single person on our team.

With this one billion pound goal we also resolve to share our adventure—how we care for our animals, our accomplishments, our setbacks and our all-around everyday experiences. We’ll sprinkle in some swine science, add in some Throwback Thursday’s and even have some fun with food. And because every individual on our 1,300 person, pork producing team has tremendous dedication and impact, they’ll be the ones sharing their perspectives and stories. So keep following us on Facebook to be a part of our billion pound journey. ‪#‎billionpounds‬

P.S. – Thank you to Allie, Bill, Becky and Sarah who are members of the Sow 2 Rout Farm team and Paul and Brock, wean truck drivers for helping us kick off #billionpounds