Britt Food Bank

posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"We used to be located in the bank and then the hospital," said Bill Friedow. "We've been evolving over the years but have finally found our home here and it works out really well for the families we serve."

If you've been to Britt you've more than likely visited the Hobo Museum but the true gem in town is right around the corner tucked in behind the post office. The Britt Area Food Pantry provides low-income individuals and families in the area with food and helpful household items they might not otherwise be able to afford.

"We serve about 70 households every month," explained Nancy Carter, who has been volunteering at the food bank for five years. "We also serve families that might just need help every once in a while. If they're between jobs or are going through an emergency -- we're here to help them, too."

One of our last stops of the day, we loaded up the Britt Food Bank with 5 of the remaining boxes we had remaining on our truck, a donation that exceeded 300 pounds of pork.

"Summer months are hard with kids out of school and families trying to make their pay checks stretch as far as possible," said Bill. "These pork loins are going to put some very big smiles on our clients faces." #HaulOutHunger#BillionPlus