Building "Sweet" Memories for Operation Christmas Meal

posted on Thursday, January 7, 2021

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Over the course of four days and 12 communities, Iowa Select Farms handed out more than 12,000 pork loins to help Iowans in need of a Christmas meal through Operation Christmas Meal On-the-Go. As essential workers keeping America fed, the employees of Iowa Select Farms that volunteered at the events needed an extra layer of protection, and two Hamilton County forces came together to help!

Zach works in ventilation and filtration for Iowa Select Farms, coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems every day. Inspired by a bank teller window, Zach designed and built a portable gingerbread house with a sliding drawer to deliver something sweeter that candy – PORK – to Iowans coming through the line. The house broke down into five different components and could be assembled in less than three minutes by some Iowa Select Farms elves. While Zach is a talented engineer, he lacks a bit in the artistic department.

Grant is a South Hamilton native who has a not-so-secret talent as an artist. Filled with hometown pride and a love of all things pork, Grant put forward a beautiful design to make Zach’s engineering feat dazzle. He added vibrant colors, logos, and sneaky messages across the gingerbread house to bring joy to all coming through the line.

When he’s not on the campaign trail, Grant is the founder, proprietor, head designer and dean of Stanhope State University. Inspired by a mythical college that celebrates small town living, Grant has put together an impressive collection of t-shirts, koozies, hats and other gear for any Watermelon Warriors fan.

ZachGrantThanks to these great Hamilton County heroes for making Operation Christmas Meal a little more special in these precarious times!