Cambridge Food Pantry

posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017

After a quick trip to Jewell, we headed towards the little town of Cambridge where we met up with Janet Thorson, director of the Cambridge Food Pantry.

When asked how long she has been the pantry director all she could do was laugh. “This was supposed to be a temporary position, yet here I am 20 years later,” Thorson said.

With the help of four other volunteers, Janet serves 20 Cambridge-area families in need.

“Our families think this is just the coolest thing ever and we all appreciate it so much,” said Thorson. "Meat is such a rarity these days and to receive a donation of this quality is just amazing. We're lucky to get sausage, ground beef or chicken. Pork loins like don't show up in our pantry too often!"

Food pantries all over the state of Iowa tend to be at an all time low over the summer months. In fact, according to the Feeding America, 64% percent of food insecure families find themselves having to chose between buying food and paying for medical expenses. By filling the freezers of food pantries across Iowa, our goal is that they won’t have to chose.

We aren’t done yet. We still have more nutrient-rich pork loins to deliver throughout central Iowa. We are off to Huxley! Stay tuned.