Celebrating Family

posted on Sunday, November 5, 2017

Family. We talk a lot about how our culture at Iowa Select Farms feels like a second family, because we cheer each other on, celebrate the good times, band together for the tough times, and care enough to jump in and say, “What can I do to help?” It’s also part of being Iowans, where everyone is friendly and no one is afraid of hard work.

Thank you to our employees who arrived at work extra early on their own farms so they could stop by in the afternoon. And also to those who guided their own families through the farm, stopping to proudly explain exactly what mom or dad do throughout the day.

Thanks to our Iowa Falls-based hometown bank, Greenbelt Bank and Trust, for stepping up once again to help serve lunch, and to our friends at the Iowa Pork Producers Association and National Pork Producers Council for your show of support.
Thanks to our tour guides—aka the farm managers, sow supervisors, veterinarians and production well-being specialists who shared their amazing amount of knowledge and “know how” to all of our guests.

Thanks to our suppliers, both locally and throughout the state, who celebrated the completion of the farm, and brought along their co-workers and even some “newbies” to show and explain all of the technology that goes into animal agriculture.

And to the animal science students at Iowa State University—we loved all of your fantastic questions, and we’re humbled that the next generation of production leaders have the same passion for pigs as we do. Here are more photos from Friday.