Celebrating the Foundation: Haul Out Hunger

posted on Saturday, April 20, 2019

“A lot of times families walk out of here and you’re trying to hold tears back knowing this could be the only meal they have for quite a while,” said Kim Motl of Upper Des Moines Opportunity of Hamilton County.

Kim was one of many food pantry coordinators who we spoke with about the struggles many Iowa families have with being able to afford groceries, especially protein.

Which is why the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation takes great pride in providing protein to Iowa families in need. This year, our Haul Out Hunger program replenished the refrigerators and freezers at 107 food pantries in 83 rural Iowa communities.

Over a two-week period in June, we traveled 3,500 miles to deliver 1,006 cases containing 12,072 fresh pork loins weighing a total of 32 tons—a 12% increase compared to 2017 (that’s 20,000 more servings!).

As we celebrate the time period that builds our program funding for next year, we’re reflecting on how far we’ve come and the impact we’re making in our communities.

Our hearts are full as we field donations for the Foundation from employees, contractors, truck drivers, manure customers and all friends, families and communities. We invite all of you to keep sending those pledges back into the Foundation through May 6!

Donate online here.

Haul Out Hunger