Central Decatur North and South Elementary was Another Stop on the 2019 Power Snack Tour

posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2019


“Basic safety and food are primary for all people, especially children,” said Amy Whittington, PK-6 Principal at Central Decatur North and South Elementary. “When students come to school hungry, it becomes more difficult for them to pay attention, as their attention may be focused on feeling hungry, where or how they will get food.”

This year, the CSD School District received 200 Power Snacks and 160 pork sticks to help support childhood hunger locally. A program of Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, Power Snacks aims to alleviate hunger by providing children access to nutritious food at home.

“The best thing about this Program is that the coupons are easy to use,” said Principal Whittington. “Parents simply take the coupons with them to the grocery store and get whatever brand, serving size or flavor they’d like. Power Snack provides a lot of choices and that really appeals to our families.”

According to the Food Bank of Iowa, 1 in 5 children is considered food insecure. Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation work closely with 125 schools and districts statewide to identify children that would benefit from Power Snack coupons and pork sticks. Most identify students through free and reduced lunch applications and send coupons home prior to extended holidays and weekends.

“When students are hungry, they may appear to be lethargic or unmotivated at times,” continued Principal Whittington.

“Others may be aggressive or display dramatic emotional shifts and swings. Keeping our students well-fed and nourished is extremely important and impacts their learning abilities.”

Now in its seventh year, Power Snack supports 22,751 students statewide—a contribution valued at $728,032.

“Kids love ham,” said Jen Sorenson, Communications Director for Iowa Select Farms. “It’s easy to prepare, full of flavor and promotes growth and development. Combining the energy and carbohydrates of whole wheat bread with the protein of ham means the children will have made themselves a real Power Snack.”