Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva Food Pantry, Belmond— Haul Out Hunger

posted on Thursday, June 20, 2019

“This donation is such a blessing for us and the families that we serve,” said Isai Guerrero of Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva food pantry in Belmond. “Our freezers were nearly empty when you arrived and now we can’t even close the lid there’s so many pork loins in here."

Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva Food Pantry

Nestled in the small town of Belmond, Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva serves 130 families in Wright County. This year, Haul Out Hunger delivered 204 pork loins—enough to provide 3,672 four-ounce servings of pork.

“As pork producers we’re proud to provide pantries and families with our protein-packed product,” said Allyson Ladd of Iowa Select Farms. “Not only is pork delicious and easy to prepare, but it’s packed full of other important nutrients like potassium and zinc, and naturally low in sodium. It’s a great, healthy option.”

Henry's Heros

For more than five years, Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation have been hitting the road to Haul Out Hunger in Belmond and now, 85 other communities across the state. In 2019, Haul Out Hunger will visit 120 food pantries, fill freezers with 12,264 and provide nearly 240,000 servings of pork for at-risk, Iowa families in need.

“Meat is expensive and we very rarely have anything like this for our clients,” explained Isai. “With an already tight budget, most families can’t justify buying it from the grocery store. This is going to put smiles on so many faces.”

Pork loins