Chris - Webster City Little Free Pantry Captain

posted on Friday, February 11, 2022

“It’s about doing your part to help feed the people who need it. It’s a good addition to the community and what Iowa Select is all about,” said Chris, a sow farm supervisor for Iowa Select Farms. “I think giving back is really important. Showing we are a company that values this means something to people in Webster City.”

Chris works with another Iowa Select Farms employee, Zach, to care for one of two little Free Pantries in Webster City. The pantry he maintains is located on the southwest corner of Fuller Hall, strategically placed to serve children on their way to school. Chris works together with Zach to keep it stocked with emergency resources like snacks, food, diapers and children's care products and families facing short-term, emergency situations.

“I get a lot of waves from people driving or walking by when I am re-stocking it,” said Chris. “I always try to drive by it on my way home to check on it, and I’ve seen kids getting snacks from it on their way home from school. That’s probably the most rewarding part because that type of thing is exactly what it’s there for.”

In addition to teaming up with Zach to ensure the pantry is cared for and stocked, Chris has also gotten his two daughters involved with the project. He often takes them along to go shopping for new supplies and to refill the pantry.

“It’s great to have them involved with the pantry because it teaches them to give and what that really means,” he said. “Plus, they really get excited about it and know all the best items to get for the kids. We all work together.”

It’s safe to say that although the high demand in this community has brought on some challenges, Chris is grateful to have been involved in the project as a Little Free Pantry Captain and continue to give back to people in need.

“It’s a project that does a lot of good in the community and is a good representation of Iowa Select Farms and what we are all about.”

Chris holds a basket of items to fill his pantry.