Chris Earns Select Pride Top Finishing Supervisor

posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Chris“Chris is highly thought of as one of the best around,” said Tom Boge an Iowa Select Farms senior finishing supervisor. “We all seek his advice and input, and everyone appreciates the time he spends to help out and uplift his team and people around him.”

Chris was recognized as the top finishing supervisor for 2022 in the SelectPride program this year. As an exceptional performer with over 25 years of service to Iowa Select Farms, Chris' outstanding performance is reflected in the company's SelectPride production metrics. The program assesses pig livability, marketing, production well-being, and biosecurity, then ranks supervisors and farms. Chris ranked first for quarter four of the previous year and overall for the entire year.

Despite his success, Chris remains humble, kind, responsible, and determined, with a focus on his people. He enjoys working with his growers and managers, discovering their strengths, and how the whole team can benefit from one another.

According to Tim Hermsen, our Director of Multiplication and Chris' former supervisor, Chris motivates others by setting an example. Tim attributes Chris's success to his pig and people management expertise and his focus on critical areas such as pig care, people care, pig health, biosecurity, and facility maintenance.
Chris spent 18 years as a sow farm manager before jumping into finishing and enjoys the variety and challenges of his work.

Chris and his wife Angi have two grown children, Harper and Maclane.

Congratulations to Chris and his team of Shaun Lukes, Jeff McGinnis, Ricardo Gomez, John Wessels, Dean Bormann, Matt Dornbier, Cooper Eden, Isia Guerrero, Gene Eden, Cooper Eden, Dennis Luhman Arle Oseguera, Marcelo Ruiz, Jose Aragon, Margarito Torales, Chris Fields and Hector Blanco on your SelectPride success!