Chris Madren Celebrates 15 Years of Service

posted on Thursday, September 7, 2023

Chris"It all started to evolve," said Chris Madren, "Initially, I began helping with chores on weekends, and over time, I developed a deep appreciation and understanding of all the elements that contribute to exceptional pig care." Over 15 years ago, Chris began his pork production journey with an electric company contracted to work on Iowa Select Farms sites. During this period, he gained firsthand exposure to farming operations and developed a passion for the industry. The rest was history, as Chris has been a Maintenance Technician for Iowa Select Farms ever since.

Chris is essential to keeping farm operations moving smoothly as a maintenance technician. "Repairs need done rain or shine," said Chris, recalling when he spent the night at a farm during a blizzard to chop ice off the curtains and ensure the heat worked adequately for the animals. The requests continue to come in daily, and Chris is proud of his team for responding promptly and efficiently. Chris said that his background in electrical work and his hands-on experience in farm chores have helped him better understand the growers' needs, allowing him to prioritize maintenance requests effectively to ensure the highest level of animal care.

Chris enjoys kayaking and spending time with his three kids. He also looks forward to Operation Christmas Meal, where he volunteers alongside his daughter. Everyone has a journey, and we are so happy yours included Iowa Select Farms. Congrats on 15 years, Chris!