Christo Strong

posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Ryan Christo and his father, Randy, have worked alongside Iowa Select Farms for well over a decade. ”When you talk about partners who are like an extended family to our company, two that immediately come to mind are Ryan and Randy,” said Tony Thies, director of operations.

“Ryan’s both a family member and a friend to us, a good person who treats people well and does things right,” said Tracy Borkowski, director of production maintenance. Tracy says there are many remodel and construction projects Christo Construction has led. Christos helped remodel 16 sow farms, installed equipment into six new sow farms and four gilt developers and helped remodeled an endless number of nurseries and finishers.

“Randy and Ryan have helped us make history,” said Tony. “Breaking ground on the dormers for our first filtered farms, and installed the first pens as we transitioned to pen gestation in our sow barns. They’ve worked through hundreds of projects, always understanding and championing our priorities of biosecurity and animal care.”

“It's been their support during hard times we’ve experienced that have truly meant the most,” said Noel Williams, chief operating officer. “When Sow 113 was hit by a tornado, they were right alongside of us— tearing down the damaged buildings, collecting debris and then rebuilding us stronger. Same for several barn fires and farms hit with wind and storm-related damage.”

 He has begun Insulin Potentiation Therapy through EuroMed in Phoenix, Arizona. This cancer treatment approach strengthens the immune system while targeting the cancer with low-dose chemotherapy.

Weekly treatments are $9,200 a week, plus weekly airfare, car rental costs and housing accommodations. His yearlong treatment program will total half a million dollars—none of which is eligible for insurance coverage.

Iowa Select Farms invites everyone to show their support by contributing to a fund to help with his treatment costs and travel expenses. Our owner and CEO, Jeff Hansen, has offered to match the first $10,000 in contributions, dollar for dollar.

We’ll be collecting checks, cash and credit card donations and delivering to Ryan and his family via one lump sum, along with a complete list of donors. Iowa Select Farms uses Square to process credit card payments and will cover all service fees—100 percent of your donation will go straight to Ryan Christo and his family.

Make check out to: 
Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation

In memo line: 
Ryan Christo Fund

Mail to:
Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation
5034 Grand Ridge Drive
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

Credit card donations can be submitted: click here

Christo Strong