Clarksville Food Pantry

posted on Friday, July 1, 2016

Over to the Clarksville Food Pantry where we met up with food pantry coordinator Teresa and her mother Connie who run the show mostly on their own to serve over 200 families! We were able to deliver 120 pork loins to Teresa and Connie for their pantry.

“It’s pretty much just me and my mother running the food pantry and we have a lot of gluten-free, nut-free and diabetic individuals so buying food for the pantry gets very expensive,” said Teresa. “These pork loins are the only free meat donation we get, everything else we have to buy.”

Luckily, the community members of Clarksville have big hearts as well and work to support the pantry with churches and Boy Scout troops holding food drives and contributing monetary donations. Teresa says the space for the pantry is provided by the city so all of their funds can go directly to buying food.

“We like to let people come in and shop around just as if it were a normal grocery store and pick out what they feel they need. This helps them feel more comfortable and independent while shopping at the pantry,” said Teresa.

“We serve a lot of big families. The other day, a family with SEVEN boys came in and one is on disability!” said Teresa. “I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for them to afford food.”

Teresa and Connie will even deliver food to people who are immobile, disabled or cannot make the pantry hours. And while they primarily serve the Clarksville community, they sometimes take emergency cases from Allison as well. With over 200 families to serve, Connie and Teresa are doing an outstanding job running the Clarksville Food Pantry.