Clay County Gains Comfort with Henry's Heroes Kits

posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Clay CoLooking back on a great morning with Sheriff Chris Raveling at the Clay County Sheriff's Office when our team delivered 15 Law Enforcement Comfort Kits. The kits are compact in size, designed so that they'd be easy to store in a patrol car and contain items that will provide children comfort in trying times.

“This will be a great benefit to our arsenal of supplies,” said Sheriff Chris Raveling with the Clay County Sheriff's Office. “We’re always looking for things to give kids in times of needs and a lot of times we have stuffed animals, but that’s about all that gets donated. This is great because it comes with a lot of extras like blankets, pacifiers and toys. We always feel bad for kids when they’re in a tough spot or predicament, whether it be a car accident or house fire, and these are things that at we can give them to get their mind off what’s happening at the time. It will support a wide range of kids, so this is great.”

Law enforcement in the 55 counties where Iowa Select Farms has farms are eligible to receive Henry’s Heroes Law Enforcement Comfort Kits.