Clear Lake-Venture Food Pantry

posted on Monday, July 31, 2017

"We're going to make these loins stretch as much as possible," said Denny Keith as he was unloading loins into the freezer at the Clear Lake-Ventura Food Pantry. "In fact, we're taking most of these loins down to the butcher who will slice them up for us. It's not often we receive large donations of meat like this so we really have to make it go far."

The Clear Lake-Ventura Food Pantry, which is located in the basement of the United Methodist Church, supports 60-70 families a month. Founded only two short years ago after examining community needs, the pantry works to alleviate high food insecurity levels in the area. Once a month, the pantry opens it doors to individuals and families in need and let's them "shop" in accordance of their family size.

"In total, I think it's about 175 people that we serve," explained Denny. "We try to provide them with a variety of nutritious food products and helpful household items, it's actually free toothbrush month right now!"

Whether it's money, time or effort, the pantry is maintained through the unfailing support of the church and local community members. In addition to keeping the pantry stocked and well-organized, volunteers offer a community kitchen meal on Wednesday nights for approximately 40 people.

Thank you to the many volunteers at the Clear Lake-Ventura Food Pantry. Your dedication to improving the lives of others makes us so proud to work with you! #HaulOutHunger#billionplus