Clint Celebrates 20 Years of Service

posted on Friday, September 10, 2021

“I am proud to work for a company that is an industry leader in animal health and biosecurity,” said Clint, manager of the Stamps gilt developer unit (GDU). “We are feeding the world and it feels good to know I play a part.”

Congratulations to Clint who is celebrating 20 years of working for Iowa Select Farms.

Reflecting on the last two decades, Clint says he’s been lucky to have experienced many different roles. Starting as a breeding tech at Parker sow farm in 2001, he has since then worked at Ochylski, Ringgold and Ponderosa sow farms. From breeding department head to manager, Clint found that paying close attention to detail and staying focused leads to advancement opportunities within Iowa Select Farms.

Clint poses in front of some outdoor pig feeders.

He even had the opportunity to jump over to the maintenance team where he was promoted to maintenance supervisor. His many years of production experience gave Clint a diversified understanding of the inner workings of farms.

His love for animal care took priority, however, when he returned to working as the manager of Sharpsburg and Rockwood GDU’s. After improving breeding targets and training employees at those two farms, Clint became the manager of Stamps GDU, where he’s been ever since.
“I have really enjoyed challenging myself to make each farm I’ve worked at better than it was before,” he said. “Like most of us, we watch the production results at all the farms and find ways to improve. It’s a great feeling when you know you’ve made a difference.”

Outside of Stamps though, Clint is running a family cow-calf operation with his father and helping several of his five daughters prepare their club lambs for the next show on the road. Between all of this, he enjoys fishing, hunting and camping with his family.

You can be sure, though, that tomorrow this dedicated Cyclone fan will be cheering on Iowa State as they face off with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Thank you, Clint, for your 20 years of commitment to Iowa Select Farms.