Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers Recognizes Iowa Select as Being A Good Neighbor!

posted on Thursday, September 26, 2019

In August, we took a break from Iowa State Fair to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers. Secretary Mike Naig reflected on the state of livestock agriculture when CSIF began, “It was time to have a vision, to do something, to raise the bar. It was an opportunity to be proactive and talk about what we do in animal agriculture.”

CSIF’s mission is to work with farmers to help them raise livestock responsibly and successfully. “I love to talk about the efforts, the innovative approaches to how farmers landscape around buildings and some of the technology that we’re using on some of these buildings,” Naig said. “These are all really important things to continue to strive to be able to tell stories about innovation in this space as well. Whether it comes to odor or dust mitigation, planting trees, these are all great things to continue to do.”

Iowa Select Farms has proudly been part of the Coalition’s Green Farmstead Partner program since May 2018 as part of our own Project Green. During the evening, CSIF recognized Iowa Select Farms’ commitment to being a good neighbor. “The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers greatly appreciates Iowa Select Farm’s commitment to doing things right,” said CSIF site development manager Ken Mowrer. “We at the Coalition greatly appreciate your commitment to Iowa.”

good neighbor

“As Green Farmstead Partners, we are committed to planting trees and shrubs around all of our new company-owned finished farms. This has been an effort that has been very exciting for us,” remarked Jen Sorenson, Communications Director at Iowa Select Farms. “The signage offered by the Coalition is beautiful and reminds all of us that we can be proud to be farmers, be proud of our farms, and be proud of what we’re doing for communities and state.”

Of course Project Green would not be possible without the fine folks at Frazier Nursery. “We’d like to offer a very special thanks to John, Alex and Liz Frazier for overseeing the design, the layout, and the planting of all of our trees,” Sorenson said. “We could not have asked for a better homegrown Iowa partner.”

Looking ahead, Secretary Naig said it best, “I think this organization has hit the mark. Now, the challenge is to refresh and renew and stay ahead.”