posted on Friday, September 9, 2016

And coming in dead Iowa Select Farms finishing supervisor Tom Boge! But for those of you who know Tom, he’s never came in last for anything—not with his heart, dedication, work ethic and ability to plan and execute. Which is why Tom was recently honored with the Last Place Award from AB Vista and TechMix.

The Last Place Award honors those who are involved in something bigger than themselves, who never hesitate to lend a hand or go out of their way to pitch in and help someone out. With over 21 years of service and leadership at Iowa Select Farms, Tom was also known as Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Boge, serving in four overseas tours with the Iowa National Guard’s 34th Infantry ‘Red Bulls’ Division.

Tom joined the Iowa Army National Guard in 1992 and attended basic training the summer of 1993 at Fort Benning in Georgia. After that he completed IANG training one weekend a month and two weeks every summer for 18 years and also participated in four overseas deployments—Saudi Arabia for four months in 2000; 10 months in Egypt in 2004; 22 months in Iraq in 2005 and 12 months in Afghanistan in 2010-2011.

Now retired from military service, Tom concentrates on being a finishing supervisor for the eastern Iowa territory, spending time with his family and finding ways to help others and give back to the military community.

“Anyone in a production leadership role like Tom is going to have a lot of responsibility, but he is always the first to remind me that when it’s time to organize our Pork Care Packages for Iowa’s military families to make sure and tell him when and where,” said Jen Sorenson, who oversees the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation programs. Whether it’s showing up at 3:00 a.m. to kick off Operation Christmas Meal or being the first – and last – on the scene at a tornado-damaged barn, Tom is always selfless and full of a lot of heart, a lot of passion and a ton of energy.”

Tom attended Ellsworth Community College where he got a degree in swine management. He was hired by Iowa Select Farms right out of college in 1995 where he worked at Stockdale/Sow 11. After six months, he moved over to the finishing side where he served as the manager for the Halfpop site north of Clarion, then over to the Aldinger and Swartz sites until 2003 when he was named a finishing supervisor. He relocated to western Iowa to oversee the region’s finishing and now lives back in Allison where he is a finishing supervisor, also overseeing several special projects in facility upgrade.Tom and his wife, Robi, have two sons, Logan and Caleb.

“We’re all proud of Tom for receiving this award,” said Allen Whiley, Director of Finishing. “Tom has shown tremendous dedication to his country through his military commitment and his multiple deployments, and he could not be more deserving. He’s someone I have always counted on, and have always enjoyed working with. He’s a tremendous individual.” #billionpounds